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Welcome to TrashToTreasure.Ae

As the name suggests, Someone’s Trash can be Someone’s Treasure. It’s a platform where we can share/donate our pre-loved kids clothes, toys, books and stationary items and it can be used by a needy person.

On our website, people can post their unused (good to use condition) kids clothes, toys , books and stationery and someone who needs it can contact them or us and pick up the required items from their place or can request TrashToTreasure to deliver it for free.

No Money Involved. You don’t have to pay anything to anyone. It’s just kind hearted people helping each other.

Idea behind it!

One day I was wandering how soon kids clothes become small. It’s been hardly worn 4-5 times and then become out of size. Neither feel like throwing it nor have space in cupboards to store it. Also don't know where is the right place to donate them.

Same thing is with toys. As kid grows so do their interests and choices also changes with time. They no longer wants to play with same toys and we as parents again need to store it at our home thinking that they will play with them again but it never happens and ultimately ends up occupying space at home.

Other thing which I believe is trash for us but can be someone’s treasure is books. Story books, educative books once read by a kid doesn’t please them anymore but as parents we don't feel like throwing them either. So how good it will be if we keep on rotating these books and whoever can’t afford can also read them for free.

Hope you all like this idea and help TrashToTreasure.Ae to reach its mission.

Terms and conditions 

Anyone can post clothes, toys , books and stationery items on our website with a clear picture of products.

People who are posting items must do it for FREE. 

A single subscriber can avail service max 3 times in 6 months. 

Person who wants the items can either contact provider directly for collection or can contact us for pick-up and delivery. 

Age Group : 0 - 12 years 

Please check categories for proper posting.  

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For any enquiry 

Mobile 971-529263433

Email : [email protected]

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